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Kakadu Nourish Moisturizer
Kakadu Nourish Moisturizer

Kakadu Nourish Moisturizer

Jam packed with mother's natures highly praised skin-loving ingredients, Organic Kakadu Nourish Moisturizer help to refresh, energize and moisturize your skin whenever you need it. Our day moisturizer is highly concentrated yet very light on the skin making it perfect to use during the day or under makeup.  Learn More

Size: 50ml / 1.7 oz

Skin Types: Normal - Mature - Sensitive - Dry - Oily

$69.00 CAD
$69.00 CAD
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What Is A Day Moisturizer?

Moisturizers are an essential part of every skin-care routine. Just as our bodies require us to hydrate with water, so does our skin. In the short term, moisturizing perks your skin up, giving you a healthy fullness. In the long term, consistent moisturizing helps decrease the appearance and rate at which fine lines and wrinkles emerge.

Day creams are usually designed to be worn under cosmetics, so they have light, non-greasy formulas that are absorbed quickly and allow pores to breathe. They provide a smooth, oil-free canvas for foundation to glide on smoothly.

Even though the main job of a moisturizer is to keep the skin moist and hydrated, we believe that it should also provide other benefits to maximize the benefits. Weather, pollution and all sorts of external factors can stress our skin. A multitasking moisturizer can help our skin function at optimal level.

Why Choose Kakadu Nourish?

Our Kakadu Nourish Moisturizer is specifically designer to cover a whole range of skin concerns our skin may come across on daily basis. With Kakadu Nourish you can experience:

Boost In Hydration & Moisture

Glycerine helps to increase water content on the surface of the skin while fruit butters lock-in that moisture and keep the skin hydrated. 

Reinforce Skin's Natural Barrier
Kakadu nourish inherits the resiliency of mother nature against external stressors and dehydration. She contains antioxidant, vitamin rich and hydrating ingredients to help reinforce skin'sresilience.

Improve Skin Softness & Skin Texture
Rich in skin smoothing plant butters, oils and extract Kakadu Nourish smooths the skin surface bringing softness that feels good to the touch.

What is special about formula?

It's Clean!
Kakadu Nourish is 95% Certified USDA Organic. The only non-organic ingredient is Xantam-gum which is a thickening agent used only in very small amount. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It's made in A USDA Certified facility here in Canada to ensure the highest quality possible.

Highly Concentrated:
Every single ingredient is here because of a specific benefit. There are no fillers in here. Only high concentrations of nutritious and skin-loving ingredients that work together to provide a whole range of benefits to the skin.

Light & non-greasy:
Kakadu Nourish flawlessly absorbs into the skin nourishing and conditioning the surface without feeling greasy or clogging the pores.

Great for all skin types at any age!
Whether you're looking to maintain a vibrant and healthy looking skin or looking for anti-aging results, Kakadu Nourish can give you a helping hand to achieve your best look. It's very friendly with sensitive and oily skin types.

What are the main Ingredients?

Organic Kakadu Plum:  Native Australian Aboriginals have been using this little fruit medicinally for thousands of years and it's fast becoming famous as a key component in skin care products. 

Fresh Kakadu Fruit contains an insane amount of Vitamin-C (about 50 times an Orange). It also contains other vitamins, antioxidants and mild acids to provide a broad range of benefits. Topically used Kakadu extract is believed to help with the appearance of aging skin and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Our Kakadu is hand harvested by Australian Aboriginals from wild trees. All plums are picked straight from the tree and flash dried to maintain their nutritional content.

Fun fact: Because our Kakadu Plum Extract is strictly monitored by USDA, harvesters can only wear hats to protect themselves against the sun as they are not allowed to wear sunscreen in order not to contaminate the trees!

Organic Vegetable Glycerin:
Glycerin’s skin benefits are numerous, but it primarily serves to hydrate skin and help it hold on to moisture. It also helps shield skin from environmental sources of irritation. Working with emollients and oils to make dry skin feel amazingly soft, supple and youthful.  

Organic Mango, Shea & Cocoa Butters: 
These delicious butters are some of nature's best Emollients. They help the skin to feel soft and silky smooth. They are also rich sources of antioxidants to further help the healthy appearance of skin. 

All of our butters are Certified USDA Organic, ethically sourced and fairly traded.

Organic Avocado, Evening Primrose, Rose Hip, Coconut & Sunflower Oils: These carefully selected plant oils help moisturize and boost the skin with skin-replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants to bring a smoother, softer, plumper and younger looking appearance. 

Organic Aloe, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Seaweed Extracts: 

These botanical extracts are known to help soothe irritated skin and help the skin feel more calm during the day. 

How to use Kakadu Nourish?

Apply one or two pumps to face, neck & decollette area. Gently massage into skin using upward/inward strokes.  

Use it as your last step of your routine. And follow with SPF if used during the day. 

If you require more hydration, add a few drops of Omega Boost or Seaberry Glow facial oils to your moisturizer and apply on your skin.

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Apply 2-3 pearl sized drops to face and neck. Gently massage into skin using upward/inward strokes.Use it as your last step of your routine. And follow with SPF if used during the day.If you require more hydration, add a few drops of Omega Boost or Seaberry Glow facial oils to your moisturizer and apply on your skin.

Clean. Responsible. Naturally Derived

A formulation You Can Trust

Enjoy the beautiful benefits of Advanced Vitamin-C Serum with apiece of mind as they've been ethically formulated, sourced and produced so you an feel and look great!

Clean. Responsible. Naturally Derived

A formulation You Can Trust

Enjoy the beautiful benefits of Advanced Vitamin-C Serum with apiece of mind as they've been ethically formulated, sourced and produced so you an feel and look great!

Made in the Canada using Only Organic Ingredients

Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract*,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*,Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*,Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter*,Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*,Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*,Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract*,Glycerin*,Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract*,Ethanol*,Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract*,Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*,Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*,Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*,Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil*,Lecithin*,Potassium Sunflowerseedate*,Cera Alba*,Xanthan Gum,Tapioca Starch*,Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*

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Q: When Should I Use Vitamin C Serum Morning or Night? 

The real answer is, how do you want to make Vitamin C Serum work for you? Using it night or day, or night and day, has different results. Based on what you want to happen with the Serum, use it when you want.

 If the real danger to your skin is the sun itself, apply the Vitamin C Serum in the morning after a face wash, and before makeup. To seal in the Serum and make it more effective, use a moisturizer after applying the Serum. The RawChemistry addition of Vitamin E turns the Serum into a natural sunscreen, so you don’t have to add it afterwards. After it dries, apply your regular makeup.


If you are more focused on facial skin repair, apply the Vitamin C Serum at night after a shower, a facial wash, and toner if you use one. The Vitamin C is an antioxidant, cleaning and repairing the skin after UV ray damage. It stops any damage during the day from continuing even in the evening. 

Night and Morning
If you can’t decide, and it will fit in with your regular facial skin care regimen, go for both! Then you will be able to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and repair the skin damage afterwards.

Q: Is this suitable for vegans? sometimes Hyaluronic Acid is derived from animal sources. I'd like to know if if its not derived from animal source 

In all our products we use plant base Hyaluronic Acid

Q: Is this to be used instead of a moisturizer?

A moisturizer should be applied after serum.

Q: Does it go on dry? I have oily skin?

Yes! Our serums absorb into your skin within a few seconds and work on all skin types.

Q: Can this serum be worn by itself out in the sun? Or does it turn your skin orange if you wear it in the sun? 

We do not advise to use any of our products as a protection agains the sun. We always encourage everyone to take proper measures for protection such as SPF and Sunscreen after applying our skincare products.

The serum will not turn orange or into any other color after application. It dries quickly without leaving any marks or colors.

Q: How many OZ or Gram is this product?

0.18 OZ

Q: Is it petroleum based? I don't want that look or feel.

All of our products are petroleum free.

Q: Is this product cruelty free?

Yes it is as well as all our other products. We never test on animals.

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9 reviews
Moist and easy to apply

The containers are much smaller than presented but very moist and natural when applied. Easy to apply and feels good on the skin. Service and delivery were fast and accurate.

I really like it, I just wish it was a bigger size

Perfect trio

Glides on and becomes one with your skin....as opposed to sitting on top.
Lovely creamy texture that has a powder finish.
Universal shades that are multi purpose.
The only 3 sticks you will need in you purse. Super simple.. I love these.


I have used the serum for a year now and I will continue doing so. I always put it on my face after I shave my beard. I no longer put on aftershave or anything with alcohol on it. The serum is quick to absorb and has a lot of vitamins that are good for my skin. My face looks young for my age and I often get that comment from people. I recommend this amazing product to anyone.

Love it!

Absolutely love this 3 in 1 compact stick for daily use I can bring with me anywhere! Suits my skintone in different shades for different seasons