Quality. Responsible. Natural.

A naturally healthy life doesn't just happen. It comes from making thoughtful decisions on what to do—and what not to do. 

That's how we approach our ingredient selection when creating safe and effective products for you. We work very hard to find and combine the best organically sourced and naturally derived ingredients. 

 Every product goes through our extensive qualification process to ensure it's effective and responsible.

Our Standards of Quality

We never hold back on giving you the highest quality products possible. 

For us, there is not point in creating products that may harm your body for the sake of beauty.

That's why we never use harmful ingredients, hormone disruptor, questionable chemicals and ingredients harsh to your skin.

Our products contain no fillers but only the highest concentration of nourishing ingredients.

Our goal is to help you to keep your skin at tip-top shape, and we ensure that by using premium, effective and nutritious ingredients.

All our makeup products are naturally based, clean and do what they're suppose to do without harming your skin.

Our Standards of Responsible

We know you like products that are responsible and sustainable. And we know it's crucial for you to be able to use your products without any guilt. 

We can't agree more! We don't believe in sacrificing everything for the sake of beauty. That's why we have set the bar high for ourselves and continue to raise it as we move forward. For us being responsible means:

  • Delivering value to our community & customers

  • Source our ingredients from that respect human & labor rights

  • Support small & organic farmers here at home and around the world. 

  • Honesty in all claims made for ingredients, packaging and products.

  • Saying no to Greenwashing 

  • Saying no to fear and insecurity based marketing

  • Money back guarantee on all orders

Our Standards of Natural

Mother nature is the source of inspiration in everything we do. We thrive to harness the healing and nourishing power of natural ingredients to create an environment for your skin to thrive. 

For us, natural means:

  • Formulating with certified organic ingredients as much as possible.

  • Processing natural ingredients without the use of chemicals, heat, or changing the molecular structure. 

  • Formulas free of artificial flavors, fragrances, colors, and preservatives.

  • Choosing ingredients that support our philosophy of human and environmental health. 

  • Free from animal ingredients* 

  • Sourcing cruelty free ingredients. Never ever testing our products and ingredients on animals. 
*our moisturizers contain Beeswax which are carefully harvested to ensure the health of our bees and their beehive.

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