How to Feel More Beautiful in Your Own Skin

How to Feel More Beautiful in Your Own Skin Close your eyes.  Think about the last time you felt really beautiful.Really. Actually do it!  Where were you?  Who were you with?  What was happening around you?  What was happening in your mind? Your heart?  What were you wearing?  Were you smiling?  How were you moving? Breathing?  How did you get yourself ready that day?  Today’s post is the start of...

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How to Radiate Beauty & Re-Fill Your Peace

How to Radiate Beauty & Re-Fill Your Peace  Beautiful things are all around us if we open our eyes to see them! Nature is gorgeous. Our grandma is stunning. That piece in the art gallery is completely captivating. And those beautiful things make us feel a certain way. Beauty feels calm, not stressed out. Full, not empty. Slow, not rushed. Inviting, not off-putting.  And you can be that way too! ...

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Healthy Skin With Protein

Healthy Skin With Protein Healthy Skin With Protein Healthy Skin With Protein Good Day y’all! For those following along, this month I am discussing all things protein!   Adequate protein intake is absolutely essential for maintaining skin integrity.    Research has shown that suboptimal protein intake is a cause of skin breakdown that can lead to severe wounds in the elderly or immobile.    Protein is needed for preserving the...

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Skin and Hydration

Water And Skin HydrationWater And Skin Hydration Staying adequately hydrated maybe important for your skin and it’s definitely a good idea for your overall health.  Water is essential for maintaining life and cellular function in all organs. Dehydration can lead to extreme thirst, irritability, fatigue, and nausea. Extreme- dehydration may be life-threatening and damaging to organs. I chose this topic because of the abundance of advice supporting good hydration for...

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