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We all have days when we’re feeling a little more low-energy than usual. We’re overtired, stressed, or maybe we’re handling some life challenges that wear us out. 

We know that when we’re feeling jazzed, energized and upbeat—those good feelings show on our faces.

But how do you get from here to there? If you’ve done the basics—like get some rest and eat a healthy meal—but you’re still not feeling charged up, what else can you do? How do you boost your energy when it’s feeling low?

I’ve found a few tricks that help give me a great boost, get my blood flowing, and get me recharged when I’m feeling a little low energy.

As a bonus, once I’m feeling re-energized, it shows up on my face!

1. Get moving, in a fun way.

Exercise is one of the most reliable energy boosters there is. 

But when you’re feeling low-energy, it can be tough to motivate to do your regular routine. Heading to the gym to run or lift some weights can feel like more of a drain than a boost. 

When I’m feeling that way, I try to shake things up by moving in a way that’s a little more fun. My go-to is dance. Something as simple as playing a song with a great beat, and dancing around my living room can get my blood flowing and completely shift the way my body feels! 

And if you have extra time to do something more—like take a salsa class or Zumba—that’s great too!

2. Call your funniest friend.

Nothing gets the blood flowing quite like laughter. 

Most of us have a friend who cracks us up. She doesn’t have to be your closest, most intimate friend—just the one who makes you laugh. Call her up. Go grab a coffee or a drink if she lives nearby or, if not, make a phone date. Relax and settle in for a conversation with someone you can laugh with.

Don’t have a friend you makes you laugh reliably? Then watch a comedy you love! Or a couple of them in a row. I find watching something totally silly and ridiculous gets my blood flowing and perks me up. 

3. Tap into your creativity.

Whatever does it for you—playing music, drawing, writing, gardening, or cooking something new.

Even if you only have an hour to spare, see what happens if you use it to tap into your creativity. 

This week, I was handling a ton of work. It was enough that I was starting to feel drained. Right in the middle of it, I just put the computer down and took an hour for my own creativity. I roasted a bunch of vegetables and made something delicious from scratch. It completely shifted my state and recharged my batteries to get through the rest of the work day.

4. Take a moment for your skin.

When I’m feeling drained, I often look drained too. Then every time I look in the mirror it reinforces the feeling.When that happens, I take a moment to moisturize with something nourishing like Kakadu Nourish.

Also, I perk my cheeks up with a little Multistick Blush. The result? My skin looks (and feels) better, and my reflection in the mirror is much more positive. 

It’s worth noting that Skinizer products don’t cover or hide anything. A little Multistick on my cheeks or forehead just makes me look like I’m naturally blushing. I look like myself—only happy and energized. Sometimes just putting on a little on can help spark that feeling for me. 

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