How to Feel More Beautiful in Your Own Skin

Close your eyes. 

Think about the last time you felt really beautiful.Really. Actually do it! 

Where were you? 

Who were you with? 

What was happening around you? 

What was happening in your mind? Your heart? 

What were you wearing? 

Were you smiling? 

How were you moving? Breathing? 

How did you get yourself ready that day? 

Today’s post is the start of a conversation I’m really excited to have with you!  

Let’s look at a few familiar scenarios: 

Have you ever gotten a sincere compliment about your eyes or hair or skirt … and had it roll right off because you didn’t believe it? 


Someone thought you looked beautiful, but you certainly didn’t feel that way.   

Have you ever been excited to try out your new bold lipstick … and instead of enjoying your day wearing it, you spent the whole day fidgeting with your shirt because you felt like it made your stomach look fat? 


You may have felt fine before the comment, but afterwards you felt totally deflated. And like the comment confirmed the fact that you need to wear makeup. All of the time. 

Have you ever avoided doing something that looked super fun (like jumping into the lake with your friends or dancing really hard at the wedding) because you were afraid it would mess up your look? 

You may have looked beautiful in the moment, but that “beauty” was constricting your expression, instead of making you feel free. 

Every woman has had moments like this. Moments where you look amazing and feel smaller than an ant. Moments when you felt happy and confident and then a passing comment stole your joy. Moments when you weren’t present with others because you were so self-conscious that all you could think about was your own appearance.

But we’ve also had other kinds of moments: Moments when we truly felt beautiful.Beauty that radiates from the inside is joyful. It’s freeing. 

It’s not self-absorbed. 

It gives you a feeling of peace and settled-ness that allows you to enter into other people’s joys and struggles, rather than being consumed by your own. 

Real beauty from the inside really takes in and savors a sincere compliment. But the compliment (or the lack of one) isn’t the thing that determines whether you’ve had a good or bad day. 


A woman who feels beautiful makes everyone around her more hopeful about the future.


She’s a reminder that we don’t have to feel tossed around by our circumstances. A woman who feels beautiful reminds us that we don’t have to feel shaken by every breakout or piece of bad news or person who doesn’t accept us.


Coming up in this series, we’re going to walk through, one-by-one, some of the biggest obstacles to feeling beautiful. And well uncover simple ways to shatter those obstacles and radiate beauty.


Beauty is powerful. And when you feel beautiful, you can literally change the atmosphere in a room you walk into. But maybe the most wonderful thing is that you make the people around you feel more beautiful too!

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